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The board of directors of the Tennessee High way Patrol Retired Officers Association consists solely of retired Tennessee Highway Patrolmen. Among the board members the average length of service to the citizens and the Great State of Tennessee is approximately twenty eight (28) years. In the early 1990’s the retired members elected to act as a group and to actively participate in the nationwide effort to eliminate child abuse. In our state the members of the THPROA, as active troopers, have on too many occasions witnessed firsthand the horrors of child abuse. As a result, we have pledged our financial support to several abuse centers located here in Tennessee. Our financial contributions are made directly to the appropriate centers with strict directives as to the distribution. Our main goal is to ensure that each abused child’s needs are met. Members of our organization frequently make onsite visits to the centers throughout western, middle, and eastern Tennessee that we support. Disbursements in excess of Thirty Thousand ($30,000.00) dollars are reviewed and made annually. A list of the participating abuse centers and the appropriate contact people have been made available for your review. To learn more about the Child Abuse Centers that the Tennessee Highway Patrol Retired Officers Association supports simply go to the child abuse center page. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the child abuse centers listed or any of our board members should you have any questions about our efforts or our programs. Since the inception of the child abuse program The Tennessee Highway Patrol Retired Officers Association has to this date contributed over $700,000.00 to various Child Abuse Centers within the State of Tennessee. The THPROA has contributed over $376,000 that has been issued in the past seven years to beneficiaries of retired troopers to help with burial expenses. Upon the death of a retired trooper, a check for $6,000.00 is immediately sent to the beneficiary. The THPROA is grateful to all its supporters in helping to achieve its goals in helping the members, the anti-child abuse and Teddy Bear programs.

For more information  write to: PO Box 682064 Franklin, TN 37068