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Tony Wilson THPROA President

Tony is a Retired Sergeant from the THP after 34 years.
He started in 1978 and served his entire career in the
Nashville District. He spent 11 years in Enforcement serving Wilson,
Rutherford and Robertson Counties. He also spent 12 years
with Governors Security Detail serving Governor Lamar Alexander
and Governor Ned McWherter. His last 11 years with the THP
he served as the Supply Sergeant where he retired in 2012.

He is married to Jennifer Wilson who also is a civilian employee
with the Department of Safety. They live in Smyrna, Tn.

Tony joined the Tennessee Highway Patrol Retired Officers Association
in 2005. He was elected to Middle Tennessee Vice President in 2016
and was appointed President in 2017 after President Ralph Swift
resigned due to health reasons


James Lewis, Vice President

Sgt. James E. Lewis, retired joined the Tennessee Highway Patrol at the age of 23
on January 1, 1967.His first service assignment was in the Chattanooga district. 
On March 15th of the following year he was transferred and reassigned to Rhea County.
Officer Lewis remained assigned to Rhea County during his early years of service and
in 1984 he was promoted to Sergeant for the counties of Rhea and Meigs.

Sgt. Lewis retired in June of 1994 and continues to reside in Rhea County with
his wife of 38 yrs. JoAnn.

In 2003 Sgt. Lewis was appointed to the bylaws and death benefit committee for
Tennessee Highway Patrol Retired Officers Association.  He continued to serve in
this capacity for 9 years.

In 2012 Sgt. Lewis ran for and was elected to serve as Vice President on the board
of the East Tennessee Highway Patrol Retired Officers Association. He has continued
to serve in this capacity until the present day, having been elected for three consecutive terms.


Larry Hitchcock, Sr., Secretary / Treasurer

Larry is a retired Captain of the Tennessee Highway Patrol after 35 years of service.  He served in the communications Section from May 1, 1960 until 1989. Promoted to Sergeant in 1963, to Lieutenant in 1981 and Captain in 1989.  Transferred to the Colonels office in administration at the Foster Avenue Complex in 1990 and retired on January 1, 1995.

Larry joined the Tennessee Highway Patrol Retired Officers Association on October 14, 1985.  In 2004 was elected as the THPROA Secretary / Treasurer and is still in that position.

Larry and his wife, Barbara, reside in Hermitage, Tennessee.


Sam McCoy, West Tennessee
Vice President

West Tennessee Vice President

Sam was born in Ripley, Tennessee/Lauderdale County on April 1, 1954. He was a deputy with the Lauderdale County Sheriff Department from September 1976 to July 1984. In July 1984 he was commissioned with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. His first duty station was Obion County in Memphis district where he served as a trooper from July 84, till January 1992; during his time in 1998 he became a Traffic Crash Re constructionist. From January 1992 till May 1994 he served on the state’s first Criminal Interdiction Team. From 1994 till June 2007 he was stationed in Henderson and Madison Counties in the Jackson District as a trooper on third shift for eight years.

From 2002 to 2007 he was assigned with the motorcycle patrol unit. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2007 in Dickson County Nashville District, and served there until January 2010 when he was transferred back to Madison County until his retirement in October 2015. He has been married to Rita Worley McCoy for 24 years and they have four children and five grandchildren.

They live on a farm in Jackson where he is enjoying his retirement.







Russell Humphreys
Middle Tennessee V.P.

Hired Feb. 1992 Retired June 2006 (34Yrs)

When I started on Tennessee Highway Patrol, I was in the Chattanooga district, assigned to Grundy Co. in 1980 he transferred to the Nashville district, Williamson Co. in 1982. I was assigned to Governor Alexander until he left office. I have been lucky enough to work in almost all the counties in middle Tennessee.